A LOT of Emergency vehicles - what was going on?

The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday in White Bear Lake.

I was driving through residential streets (east on Co. Rd F on the way to White Bear Ave) when I stopped and pulled over because I saw a bunch of emergency vehicles coming towards me...I thought it must be fire trucks, police cars, or maybe a funeral with a police escort.

Well, what it was, was a LOT of emergency vehicles - fire trucks, ambulances, rescue, police, (unmarked and marked) - from many different communities (I saw one from Bayport), with lights flashing, but traveling at normal speeds. It was more like an honor parade. They passed by me for a good 5-8 minutes! Holy cow, I never saw so many red lights!

Anybody know what the heck was going on?

Andy Malon January 05, 2014 at 09:55 PM
Was a funeral for a fellow EMT person that died last week is my guess.


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