Hudson Teacher Lisa Rambo Eliminated From "The Biggest Loser"

In the fifth week of the show, Hudson's "The Biggest Loser" contestant lost only 5 pounds and was voted off the show by her teammates. She left the ranch weighing 209 pounds — down 37 from her starting weight of 246.

Lisa Rambo, the Hudson High School special education assistant who is  lost only 5 pounds this week and was voted off the show by her teammates on the Red team.

Rambo left the ranch at 209 pounds, but has lost nearly 40 more since coming back home to Hudson.

Rambo pronounced, "America, next time you see me, this teacher will have learned her lesson — how to love herself," and a two minute video update clip played showing her back in Hudson at 170 pounds — a total weight loss of 76 pounds.

The clip showed Rambo teaching cooking and bowling to her special needs students at the high school.

"I realized that a lot of our students and special needs adults in our community struggle with their weight," Rambo said. "I want to teach health and wellness and healthy living in my classroom."

The update video also showed Rambo enjoying physical activities with her husband and four kids through swimming, showshoeing and sledding.

"I wanted to be an athlete role model for my kids, because they just want to be athletes," Rambo said. "And I'vd done it. I'm Lisa Rambo, an athlete."

Lisa's husband Tony also chimed in.

"The kids are pretty excited to have Lisa participate with them in a way she hasn't been able to in quite a while," he said.

At the beginning of the episode, each team was given a budget of $10 per contestant per day and 15 minutes in a grocery store to choose their food for the week. Rambo's experience as a mom on a budget proved a valuable asset for the Red team.

The challenge for this episode included a water event in which each team had to swim in a pond and carry 10-pound "coins" and place them into giant floating fountains. The challenge came down to a race between Lisa for the Red team and Danni for the White team. Danni pulled out the victory and earned an extra 2 pounds on the scale for the week. 

The weekly weigh-in also came down to Danni, the only member remaining from the White team. The four-member Red team posted a loss of 31 pounds and the five-member Blue team posted a loss of 55 pounds. Danni needed to lose more than 5 pounds to stave off elimination, and she dropped 9 pounds.

Here are the stats for everyone this week:

  • Joe: -11 : 299 lbs
  • Francelina: -7 : 224 lbs
  • Jackson: -8 : 280 lbs
  • Lisa: -5 : 209 lbs
  • Gina: -9 : 197 lbs
  • Michael: -13 : 371 lbs
  • Jeff: -13 : 329 lbs
  • David: -10 : 253 lbs
  • Alex: -10 : 207 lbs
  • Danni: -9 : 213 lbs

After losing the weigh-in, Jackson, Francelina, Joe and Lisa each had to vote for one of their teammates other than Joe to be eliminated. Lisa cast her vote for Jackson while the other three all cast their votes for Lisa. 

Shooting is over for this season and all contestants are completing their at-home portion of the show. New episodes will continue to air weekly on Monday nights and the Season 14 live finale episode will air March 18 on NBC.

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TP Jr January 29, 2013 at 02:21 PM
Very inspiring! Congrats Lisa!
yomammy January 29, 2013 at 02:26 PM
Awesome--good job!
HHF34 February 02, 2013 at 05:50 AM
She was robbed I tell you, robbed!!! (Great Job Lisa - even if I thought that Jackson should have been the one eliminated as well)...


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