Q&A With Martin Zellar of the Gear Daddies

Martin Zellar talked with Stillwater Patch about performing at Lumberjack Days, what's up with the Gear Daddies and what fans can expect from the band's only Twin Cities are show.

The Gear Daddies will be co-headling Saturday night's Lumber Jack Days music with Smash Mouth.

Hailing from Austin, Minn., the Gear Daddies (Martin Zellar on guitars/vocals, Nick Ciola on bass, Billy Dankert on drums and vocals and and Randy Broughton on steel and electric guitar) will play their only Twin Cities area show Saturday night.

To catch up on where the band has been, check out The Awl article from last June.

Martin Zellar took the time this week to answer a few questions from the road for Stillwater Patch users.

Stillwater Patch: Martin, I undertand that you have made more appearances at Lumberjack Days (as a solo artist) than anyone. Could you share a few of your favorite moments about the festival scene, as well as on stage from Lumberjack Days past?

Martin Zellar: I can honestly say that every single year that I've played Lumberjack Days has been a blast. I think everything is better on a barge. It seems that inhaling a mayfly or two during each performance has become a tradition of sorts. That's always memorable. I always leave Lumberjack Days feeling well nourished.

Stillwater Patch: Why would you bring your bandmates into this mess (insert sarcasm)?

Zellar: They say misery loves company.

Stillwater Patch: What are the Gear Daddies up to these days? Talk about your tour, your music and the new album. How's the songwriting coming along? Any new directions or things aspiring you?

Zellar: We've  actually played quite a few shows over the last year, venturing out of the Twin Cities more. It's made it a lot harder to say that we're "not really" a band anymore. I have a new solo CD that will be released in the fall, but there are no plans to record a new Gear Daddies CD. I guess never-say-never regarding a new Gear Daddies' project down the road.

Stillwater Patch: What can the Lumberjack Days crowd expect? What's a typical set looking like? Old songs? New tunes? Or a solid combo?

Zellar: Who knows. We have never worked off a set list, which I think has made the shows more fun over the years. I will venture that a lot if jazz or classical music can be ruled out. Again though, never say never.

Stillwater Patch: My understanding is that this is your only 2011 Twin Cities show. What will that mean for fans trying to get their fix?

Zellar: I guess it means that our fans in the Twin Cities had better catch this show to get their fix.

Stillwater Patch: Finally, what is the best musical act you have seen at Lumberjack Days?

Zellar: I have a vague recollection of seeing the Rat Pack perform at LJD one year, though I may be mistaken. Truthfully, I've only been able to attend the event when I've been performing, so I guess it would be me. I always enjoy seeing me perform.


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