Minnesota Zephyr Can't Leave the Station Until Security Contracts are Signed

Minnesota Zephyr owner David Paradeau talks about what's holding up the move of Stillwater's famed dinner train. So far, the cost to move the train is costing "tons," he said. "It's massive. More than anyone can imagine."

After loading two of the , the move of Stillwater’s famed dinner train has been put on hold until contracts are in place, Zephyr owner David Paradeau said Wednesday morning.

"We had a few problems that we're still working out," Paradeau said. "We need to put together contracts for insurance, safety and security issues once the cars are moved.”

Paradeau said he needs to have a contract in place to store and transport the eight railroad cars.

“Things have been delayed a bit,” Paradeau said, “until everything gets signed.”

Two yesterday. The plan is to temporarily store the train cars at Andersen Windows in Bayport.

“I’m not sure when the contracts will be signed,” Paradeau said. “It could happen as soon as this afternoon.”

If that happens, the Zephyr could be moved down Main Street as early as 3 a.m. Thursday, Paradeau said. The train cars will be moved under the cover of darkness to limit the traffic impact on Main Street.

Moving crews have repeatedly said it is their understanding that once the railroad cars leave Stillwater the plan is to move them to Oregon.

Paradeau has not said where the cars will be moved and says the railroad cars have yet to be sold.

So what does an operation like the one to move the Zephyr from Stillwater cost?

“Tons,” Paradeau said. “It is massive. There is a combination of stuff I can’t really be privileged to get into, but there are banks and stuff helping me fund this. It’s massive. More than anyone can imagine—and that’s just to move it.”

The 5.9-mile train corridor was purchased by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Feb. 16 for $4.25 million. The Zephyr rail will eventually become the Browns Creek Trail.



ray/jack July 28, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Dave Fabio has done nice work or coverage of the train removable journey.


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