PHOTOS: Moving the Minnesota Zephyr

Crews began the process of moving the Minnesota Zephyr from Stillwater to Bayport Monday. Today crews are working to lift the train cars onto flatbeds so they can be moved down Main Street. The move will happen between 3-5 a.m.

Crews started the process of moving the Minnesota Zephyr from the north end of downtown Stillwater to Bayport on Monday. Today crews began hoisting the train cars off of the track to put them on flatbed trailers.

The train cars will be moved down Main Street between 3-5 a.m. Wednesday and will be temporarily stored on the tracks at Andersen Windows.

The move will allow for crews contracted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to remove the railroad ties and begin grading the 

From there, the hope is that the Zephyr will head west to Oregon where it will be refurbished and used as a dinner train once again.

"I haven't sold the trains yet," David Paradeau said Tuesday morning. "There are a couple of interested parties, but no cigar."



If you have photos or video of the move, please upload them to this post.


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