Charges: Corrections Employee Groped, Offered Sex Toys and Exposed Himself to Prison Inmate

A Minnesota Department of Corrections employee allegedly sexually assaulted an inmate on three different occasions while they were in the vehicle and in the area of Minnesota Correctional Facility—Stillwater.

A Minnesota Department of Corrections staff member has been charged with sexually assaulting an inmate who was incarcerated at Stillwater Prison.

Dean Michael Huhta, 39, of Chisago City, was charged by the this week with one felony count of criminal sexual conduct by a corrections employee.

The allegations were brought to light after a 21-year-old man filled out a sexual assault survey upon being booked into prison.

The man, who the complaint says was an inmate of the Stillwater Prison in fall of 2011 had served his time and was released from custody. The man was then arrested again in June 2012.

Upon re-entry into prison, the criminal complaint states that the inmate was given a sexual assault survey, in which he answered "yes" to the question: "Have you ever been sexually assaulted or threatened with sexual assault while incarcerated?"

His answer prompted the Minnesota Department of Corrections to refer a possible criminal sexual conduct allegation between an inmate and correctional employee to a detective with the Bayport Police Department.

The inmate told detectives that from Sept. 8, 2011 through Nov. 17, 2011, he was assigned as a driver's aide for Huhta, a Minnesota Department of Corrections employee.

During that assignment, the Minnesota DOC employee allegedly sexually assaulted the inmate on three different occasions—including inappropriate touching, sex toys and indecent exposure—while they were in the vehicle and in the area of Minnesota Correctional Facility—Stillwater.

The inmate told detectives that all of the sexual interactions with Huhta made him feel "uncomfortable."

On July 2, Huhta told detectives that the 21-year-old inmate was his "helper" between September and November of 2011.

Huhta admitted to playing "games" with the inmate and sometimes his hands would touch his groin area, the complaint states. Huhta also admitted to exposing himself to the inmate, as well as allowing the inmate use his cell phone to look a pornographic websites.

If convicted, Huhta faces up to 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.


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