Stillwater Police Investigate Ongoing, Sexually Harassing Phone Calls to Nursing Home

Good Samaritan nursing home's Stillwater location is one of 20 service centers across the country have reportedly been fielding vulgar and disturbing phone calls about adult female patients. Police believe all the calls are being made by the same p

The Stillwater Police Department is investigating a report of ongoing, sexually harassing phone calls being made to staff members at Good Samaritan nursing home.

A staff member at Good Samaritan told police they received a phone call from a person who sounded like a “soft-spoken older gentleman” saying he “located one of their adult female patients, kidnapped her and was not doing vulgar and disturbing sexually explicit things to her, the police report states.

The staff member believes the man may have been masturbating while she was on the phone with him — and told police that more than 20 Good Samaritan Service Centers across the country have been fielding similar phone calls they believe are being placed by the same person.

According to police, the phone calls have been traced to the Tacoma, Washington area by other law enforcement agencies, but the suspect uses a prepaid phone, and has not been identified.

Police advised staff if the person calls again, to let him know the call is being traced, and hang up.


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