Bachmann Doubles Down, Claims Obama is Determined to 'Lift Up the Islamists'

She said on a radio show that Americans must study Islamist texts just as those who studied Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in World War II.

Minnesota's Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) criticized President Barack Obama of trying to "lift up the Islamists," and impose Sharia, Islamic religious law, in America.

Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, also criticized both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by saying they are silencing any speech in opposition to Islamist movements.

The congresswoman's statements against Obama and Clinton came on Saturday during the Jan Markell’s radio show, a conservative radio program with hosts Jan Markell and Eric Barger

The full audio of the show can be found here (24 minutes in). 

Bachmann said Obama and Clinton are "taking away people's ability to be able to speak" and that "it is game over because then all of the power and authority has been given over to the Islamist."

According to Right Wing Watch, Bachmann said everyone who is not an Islamist will "lose their right of speech and expression":

Not just verbal speech, but written, a cartoon, a painting, whatever it is, if it is in any way construed as being against Islam that is where the confrontation comes from the Islamist world and they want to stop anyone in the world from saying anything negative about Islam. Which means there is only one free speech right and that would belong to the Islamists. Everyone else would lose their right of speech and expression.

The reason why this is important is because this is the whole game, it is game over if we who are in the non-Islamist world lose the right to criticize what the Islamist does, because the Islamist tries to advocate Islamic Sharia law and so anything that we would say in the future, once you criminalized anti-Islamic speech, anything that we would say that would be critical in any way of anything Islam does would be considered criminalized. That’s why I say it is game over; the Islamists will have won everything. That’s why they are willing to put ten years into achieving this objective of silencing any form of dissent to Islam.


Once you take away people’s ability to be able to speak, this is not a small right, this is everything, it is game over because then all of the power and authority has been given over to the Islamist. The Islamist is the only one who gets to dictate what we can say and what we can do, and what we can print and what we not print, and who can assembly and how they can assemble, because at that point Sharia Islamic law in effect becomes the law of the land because the Islamist gets to have the authority, not anyone who opposes Islam. This is a very, very important issue.

About Clinton, Bachmann said this:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton she helped to formulate and write and pass UN Resolution 16/18, which calls for the criminalization—anti-free speech measures. This is very concerning that she went down that road. It doesn’t specifically say Islam, it talks about religious speech, but let’s face it there is only one religion that the OIC—the Organization of Islamic Cooperative — cares about and that’s Islam.

Bachmann said that Obama wants to introduce Sharia law to the U.S. and that a a letter from Muslim-American groups regarding anti-Muslim instructional material is "proof positive" of that.

She added that Americans must study Islamic movements in the same way people studied Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf during WWII.

She accused the Obama administration of supporting the Organization of the Islamic Conference's blasphemy laws.

Bachmann: That's what I spent my whole year doing was talking about this issue of what the OIC was trying to do with their ten year plan and all of these efforts in the Obama administration.The only conclusion you could make is that they are embracing the ten year plan and are supporting it and that's why this October 19 document is so important because that is proof positive that every piece that is put into place is leading to one direction, this isn't deviating it's leading to one direction, and that ultimate goal it seems to be is to allow for mandating, following, every demand of the Islamist and we know what their ultimate demand is.

Barger: Sharia law.

Bachmann: That's right. That’s why we need to know what their belief system is; we need to know what they truly believe. That's why the most important thing a person could do in WWII was to read the book that the leader of Germany wrote.

Barger: Mein Kampf.

Bachmann: Because he laid out very clearly what his intention was, he wasn't hiding it, the Islamist does the same thing. They do not hide it, they lay it out very clearly. But what we’ve never seen before is the United States aiding and abetting that goal.

At a radio show last year, Bachmann expressed concern that Sharia (Islamic religious law) is quietly infiltrating U.S. courtrooms.

Earlier this year, Bachmann stated that Keith Ellison had a history with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sharia law was mentioned early in the election cycle when Republican candidate Lynne Torgerson said Ellison "fails to oppose banning Islamic Sharia law in the United States." and "refuses to state that the U.S. Constitution should be supreme over Sharia law." She said she believed Ellison "does eventually want to replace the U.S. Constitution with Sharia law." 

Another candidate, challenging Ellison as a Democrat, called it "ludicrous" that Ellison was sworn in as the first Muslim U.S. representative on a Koran once owned by Thomas Jefferson. 

Ellison answered the charges: “The Islamophobic campaign against the so-called ‘threat’ of Sharia law in America has always been a solution in search of a problem.” Ellison said in January 2012. “No court, state legislature, city council, or municipality has tried to supplant U.S. law with Sharia law. Rather, this is a campaign by a fringe group of political opportunists trying to stoke divisions and fear."

Susan December 13, 2012 at 11:01 PM
435 members in he House, 100 members in the Senate, a couple more people in the White House, yet Bachmann is the only one who is right on this? Give me a break...
limeex2 December 13, 2012 at 11:38 PM
While the majority of the people who will comment on here, think that she is nuts. What does that say about the people who seen her at her "best" during her Presidential bid, and voted her back again.
2Frank December 14, 2012 at 04:44 PM
To give you a little hope... congressional terms are two years.
2Frank December 14, 2012 at 05:13 PM
In past performances, Ms. Bachmann has kicked some social issue off the curb in the mainstreet? Abortion, Free Speech, Obama paranoia?... The next result of the last campaign: Millions. Nobody can deny her whine works! SO, just now, what's this whining about? Well whats happening: The Cliff? Committee assignments? Hmmm... Negotiations between the two? this strategy works let's roll! Send in your letters now to the Honorable Boehner.. Give ole loose lips what she wants: A reappointment the Intelligence Committee.
JoJo February 02, 2013 at 02:11 AM
Well, Susan, of the Republican half (roughly) there are a lot of cowards and lifers in the house and senate, so I'm not surprised at all that Bachmann's the only one willing to talk about it. Death threats are not uncommon when one speaks boldly against certain things.


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