St. Croix River Crossing: Groundwork Begins this Week

Crews will be hauling materials to the area adjacent to the Beach Road ramp off eastbound Highway 36 in Oak Park Heights beginning this week.

It’s been a long, long time coming, but groundwork for the new St. Croix River Crossing project will begin this week.

Crews will be hauling materials to the area adjacent to the Beach Road ramp off eastbound Highway 36 in Oak Park Heights beginning this week, according to a news release from MnDOT. Piles of dirt will be visible to the south of Highway 36 while the area is prepared for future Beach Road Bridge construction.

The piles of dirt—called surcharge—will be monitored throughout the winter to measure the weight-bearing ability of soils beneath the piles, providing information for future construction on the site.

In addition, crews this fall will construct a parking lot for use by the city of Oak Park Heights and Phil’s Club Tara restaurant.  The parking lot will be located east of the restaurant and will replace parking spaces lost due to changes in the frontage road.

In other river crossing project news this week, MnDOT announced that plans to move the Shoddy Mill and Warehouse have been delayed.

Frank McGruber November 09, 2012 at 03:08 PM
"However, I'm disappointed that my tax dollars will go to maintain the old bridge as a foot-bike path." I agree completely. I know it's a historic icon, but it's simply wasteful to maintain it. Tear it down and enjoy the open scenery.
Connor Goulet November 13, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Okay lets get serious here. That bridge is a historic landmark. You cannot just tear it down because you think Stillwaters water front would look better without it. Look at what happened when the city tried to close the Boomsite... Its just not going to happen. I have lived my entire life here in Stillwater and that bridge is an icon for us all. It is a great idea to turn it into a pedestrian bridge. People will be able to fish off it, sit on it to watch the fireworks and take a bike ride to or from Wisconsin. I would worry less about your state tax dollars being spend on conserving a beautiful historical bridge. If you want to complain about where your tax money is being spent, do some research and see how the federal government spends your tax dollars to bail out multibillion dollar corporations on wall street.
Carbon Bigfuut November 13, 2012 at 10:27 PM
The city of Stillwater never tried to close the Boomsite, Connor. That was the state of MN that closed it, and caused public uproar. Volunteer groups banded together to keep it open, and the state eventually relented. As for the bridge, it will take tax $$ to keep it open every day of the "nicer" 6 months of weather that we have in this area. Who is going to pay for that? Now, as for the federal government bailing out corporations, you may be right on that. I was very concerned and upset when the federal government recently bailed out a couple of large corporations in Detroit.
yomammy November 14, 2012 at 12:55 PM
or how the left funds the FSA....
yomammy November 14, 2012 at 01:01 PM
with any luck, they can leave the bridge up more in the summer- maybe stairs up and over... (of course this would cause a s-storm with teh ADA because handicap couldnt "walk" over...) Also, without car/truck traffic, the bridge should need MUCH less up keep...thats why they are fixing it now...so when SW gets stuck with fixing it, it will mostly be done. Also, if you insist on keeping the whole bridge, keep the bridge eaisily convertable back to an auto bridge...in case of worst case scenerio.


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