You Voted: Stillwater Election Results

Check back to Stillwater Patch's Local Election Hub for updates on local races impacting the Stillwater area.

Welcome to Stillwater Patch's Election Hub for local races impacting the Stillwater area.

On this hub you'll find coverage of the following races: Minnesota Senate District 39, Minnesota House of Representatives District 39A and 39B, the Stillwater and Oak Park Heights city councils, Oak Park Heights Mayor and the District 834 School Board. This page will be updated throughout the day with links, photos, observations and results.


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McCollum Projected Winner in Fourth Congressional District

Elections 2012: Housley Defeats Bunn by 631 Votes in Senate District 39

Elections 2012: Dettmer Re-Elected in Minnesota House District 39A

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Election 2012: Stillwater Area School Board Chair Defeated

√ = projected winner

*All results are unofficial until canvased by the election board

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Minnesota Senate District 39

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  Julie Bunn 22,754 49.25 Karin Housley   23,385 50.62 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 33/33

Minnesota House District 39A

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  John E. Bruno  9,638 42.45 Bob Detmer √  13,033 57.41 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 15/15

Minnesota House District 39B

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  Tom DeGree  10707 46.89 Kathy Lohmer (i) √   12099 52.98 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 18/18

Ward 2 Stillwater City Council

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  Tom Corbett  1185 47.92 Ted Kozlowski √  1269 51.31 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 2/2

Ward 3 Stillwater City Council

Candidate  Votes     Percentage  Jim Roush (i)  903 45.13 Tom Weidner  1087  

54.32 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 1/1

Oak Park Heights Mayor

Candidate Votes Percentage David Beaudet (i) 994 44.45 Mary McComber √  1229 54.96 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 2/2

Oak Park Heights City Council (2 Seats Open)

Candidate Votes Percentage  Chuck Dougherty √  1135 34.38 Mike Liljegren 874 26.48 Mike Runk (i)  1020 30.90 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 2/2

District 834 School Board (3 Seats Open)

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  Kathy Buchholz  17,977 31.55 Michael Ptacek  12,434
21.82 Geaorge Dierberger  12,041 21.13 Amy Burback  14,224 24.96

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 33/34

Soil and Water

Candidate  Votes  Percentage  Sarah Hietpas  8816 41.81 John Rheinberger √  12152 57.63 Total

* Percentage of precincts reporting: 24/24

2008 Presidential Election By the Numbers:

  • 137,064 (81 percent) of Washington County voters headed to the polls and cast 70,281 votes for President Barack Obama (51 percent) and 64,335 votes for McCain (47 percent)
  • 2,347 Ward 2 Stillwater City Council voters turned out and cast 1,259 (54 percent) votes for Micky Cook and 1,079 (46 percent) for John Rheinberger
  • 2,451 voters in Ward 3 turned out and cast 1,355 votes for Jim Roush (55 percent) and 1.088 votes for Wally Milbrandt.
  • David Beaudet ran unopposed for Oak Park Heights Mayor, grabbing 1,840 (95 percent) of the 1,932 votes
  • 3,164 residents cast votes for Oak Park City Council in 2008. Mary McComber received 1,310 (41 percent) of those votes, while Mike Runk received 1.294 (41 percent) beating out Martin Hauble’s 539 votes (17 percent)

** Information courtesy of Washington CountyClick here to view the full 2008 Washington County Election Summary Report. **

As a result of redistricting, Stillwater area voters will now be voting in the Fourth Congressional District, as well as Minnesota Senate District 39 and Minnesota House of Representatives District 39A and 39B. One of the seats on the U.S. Senate is also on the ballot, along with two state amendments.

**** Wanted: Stillwater Patch Election Day Street Team.  Basically, we want to hear about your experiences at the polls. Do you have a fun Election Day tradition? Are you going to any victory parties? See something interesting happening on Election Day? Did you catch a deal for wearing an "I Voted" sticker? Were the lines at the polls long? Are you having a great Election Night party? Are you a first-time voter? What brought you out to the polls today? Post your photos, videos and comments about Election Day 2012 on Stillwater Patch. ****

Susan November 07, 2012 at 03:39 PM
That may be true, my point was that people like Adelson did not have as much influence as I feared.
Thomas November 07, 2012 at 04:05 PM
The place that We voted cameras and phones were not permitted in there.
Washington County Watchdog November 08, 2012 at 09:03 AM
ROFL, we all know Roush didn't. A $15,000 survey, $80,000 in illegal contribution to the bridge special interest, even the $100,000 play ground equipment in Millbrook (where I live) that is just a block away from the playground we put in back in 2008! So much waste and abuse of city funds and resources it's no wonder Tom won.
Washington County Watchdog November 08, 2012 at 09:05 AM
LOL Ryan! Not to mention the trillions in redistributed tax dollars to pay for handouts in exchange for votes of course.
Washington County Watchdog November 08, 2012 at 09:06 AM
No cameras and phones... but no ID, no problem!


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