Signing Day: Rott Set to Sign Letter of Intent to Auburn for Gymnastics

Mary Jane Rott had 20 Division 1 schools express interest in her, but after considering four schools seriously (three from the SEC and one from the Big Ten) she chose Auburn. Her signing party is 7:30 p.m. Nov. 14 at Rising Stars Gymnastics.

Mary Jane Rott has overcome many obstacles in her young life.

She is a survivor and a fierce competitor—read she has four older brothers—and tomorrow night the senior at St. Croix Prep will sign a letter of intent to complete in Division 1 gymnastics at Auburn University.

Rott was born in December 1994 on the island of Cebu in the Philippines.

At birth she was brought to The Children’s Shelter of Cebu—an orphanage run by friends of her grandparents at Bethel College. When she was 28 months old, she came to the U.S.—along with her five brothers and sisters—when Ken and Dianna Rott adopted the group of children.

The “Six Pak” was featured twice on KARE 11‘s Extra that spring and the following winter.

Rott attended grade school at Salem Lutheran School in Stillwater and is currently a senior at St. Croix Preparatory Academy.

At the urging of her grandmother, Saballa began her gymnastics training in March 2002 at Flyaways in Forest Lake. In November 2002, the family moved to Lake Elmo, prompting a change to a new gym, Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy in Oakdale.


  • Rott competed in her first level-five meet on Nov. 8, 2003 at the JHBC Classic in Fridley where she scored a 28.75. Her last meet at level five that season was a 34.35. She quickly took to the sport and the following year she began at level 6 and ended the season at level 8.
  • Rott competed at level 9 in fifth and sixth grade were spent competing in level 9. In her first year competing at level 9 Rott tied for first place All Around at state. She went on to regions where she did well enough to qualify as a Westerns alternate. Her second year at level 9, she had 5 first place All Around finishes, finished second All Around at the Region 4 championships and qualified for Westerns in Spokane, Wash.
  • In 7th grade Rott began competing at level 10. Her highest score that year was a 37.675 at the Northern Lights Finals. She won the All Around at the Region 4 championships in Sioux Falls and qualified for Nationals in Florida and has excelled ever since.
  • So far, her highest score at level ten so far is a is a 38.550. She scored her a 9.95 on floor and vault at the Legendz Classic in Texas last season.
  • Rott has been a Region 4 All Around champion three times; and she is a five-time Junior Olympic National qualifier.
  • At the 2011 Level 10 Junior Olympics Nationals, she was 3rd on beam, 12th All Around.
  • In the 2012 Nationals, she placed 7th in vault, 12th in beam and 12th inAll Around.

Rott had 20 Division 1 schools express interest in her.

She considered four schools seriously—three from the SEC and one from the Big Ten. In the end she chose Auburn.

As most recruits say, Rott says she “just knew” Auburn was a fit when she visited.

Since her first visit to Auburn, she has been back twice, has been able to get to know her future teammates, and experience the rich Auburn traditions.

The Rotts live in downtown Stillwater. She enjoys animals and photography, looks forward to her senior year and competing with her Rising Stars teammates that have supported her for many years.

Rott said she will miss her teammates and her coaches Pavel and Elena Miligoulo, who have been instrumental in her gymnastic success.

After graduation from high school, Rott will leave for Auburn June 24 for a 5-week summer class, return home for two weeks, then start school at Auburn full time.


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