Stillwater School Officials Say New Employee Clinic Will Mean Big Savings

By 2015, district leaders expect to see a more than $260,000 annual reduction in claims. The clinic is expected to open in May inside of Stillwater Area High School.

The Stillwater School Board last week showed support for a plan to establish an onsite health clinic inside Stillwater Area High School.

The clinic, according to school officials, would resemble a commercial Minute Clinic and would provide medical services to employees and dependents covered by the district’s insurance plan.

The idea for the new clinic came about as a result of the district’s switch to self-funded insurance. District officials anticipate a significant reduction in benefit claims to the district through utilization of this staff clinic.

By 2015, district leaders expect to see a more than $260,000 annual reduction in claims. The clinic is expected to open in May.

Al Anderson January 31, 2013 at 05:51 PM
And also Susan .....since I am a customer of health care with the need on occasion to the type of services that an actual Minute Clinic provides......why wouldnt I be able to go into the HIgh School clinic and have my business done there?
Susan January 31, 2013 at 05:56 PM
Because it is for their employees. Any business can offer this option for their employees and the general public is excluded. It's a perk of the job that will now be at a lower cost, if we are to believe what has been proven. Yes, the tax payers are paying for this perk, but they were paying for it before as well, just paying more.
Valley Dweller January 31, 2013 at 06:01 PM
School districts are publicly funded, government entities. No, they are not subject to the same taxes and fees as privately held businesses - however neither are any government entities, such as the library, our police force, the DNR, state parks and many other benefits we are lucky to have here in the Valley, and that our tax dollars pay for. Schools are not killing the day care industry, or any other. They don't have the money or the power to do so even if they wished. "I as a taxpayer -- should never be asked to support another person's choices." Attending school is not a choice - it is a requirement of the law. It would be nice if everyone could afford private school, but they can’t. Luckily for us our country at least TRIES (albeit not perfectly) to offer education to all children. I'm sorry our public school system is so disappointing to you. If you have ideas about how to fund and provide quality to all of our community’s children, at no cost to their parents, ages 5-16, please by all means - run for office and create reform! And back to the original subject of the in-district clinic, as Susan pointed out - this model has proven to SAVE money - that money is tax dollars. It seems to me that if soemone is upset about funding our public schools, they would welcome a solution that could help deter from future levys and tax hikes.
Al Anderson January 31, 2013 at 06:23 PM
Valley Your comment skirts the main issues again. Should government agencies (and yes, a school district is one) attempt to put into place items that businesses provide? Businesses pay taxes, schools pay zero. I wasn't referring to the "choice"of public schools versus private in terms of attending school. I am talking about subsidizing high school teachers choice of which clinic to go to - when that choice isnt being provided to the general public. This model is based on speculation -- not actual savings. This is more about providing a special perk for teachers than cost savings. The headline that the Stillwater School Board and the Patch is using is pure spin. And yes, K-12 monopolistic actions are hurting the day care industry, despite your claim. And yes, this sort of private business takeover by school districts will hurt those who have invested their own capital into making a business happen...the very businesses who prop up those school districts.
Valley Dweller January 31, 2013 at 08:57 PM
“Should gov't agencies…” While I see your point here, I personally feel that providing in-house services to our gov't employees that will ultimately benefit the community they are serving is beneficial. The clinic, while absolutely being a perk for staff, will ultimately keep dollars in the classroom–benefiting the students. Keeping focus on the true goal of the project is important when judging whether or not its money well spent. “I wasn't referring to the "choice" of public schools…” My apologies–I misunderstood. As Susan pointed out, we all already pay for their healthcare–whether it’s in house or not, our tax dollars subsidize everything related to teacher salaries. This will just make it less expensive. “This model is based on speculation…” Yes, the headline is speculating that this will result in savings, but the clinic is absolutely not MORE about providing a perk to teachers–it’s about using a proven model to save money for our schools. Here is one example, right here in MN: http://tinyurl.com/anzgz3j “And yes, K-12 monopolistic actions…” I am still not sure how schools hurt daycares–school aged children don’t NEED daycares, because they are in (free, if public) school. Should schools provide no services? (ie) Meals–perhaps we should let McDonalds and Taco Bell in to feed our children... Overall – agree to disagree and hope that this clinic does what it is intended to: save money for Stillwater Area Schools!


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