Is There a Part of You that Needs to be Heard?

If you are struggling to feel “well”? Reach out for help!

Maslow's hierarchy of needs shows that we all are on a path to self actualization and enlightenment. People will commonly be stuck in the deficiency needs. People in 12 step programs often get recovery because the reach fulfillment in the sense of belonging or love level. This fellowship embraces the philosophy that no matter what, recovery is always possible and they will accept them where they are at. When we receive love and acceptance and feel a sense of belonging, only then do they proceed to learn self awareness, self acceptance and have self esteem.

Some people feel psychically attacked or stack feelings to re-feel old indiscretions. Many people are emotionally walking wounded. They experience anxiety, anger, rage, fear, sadness, melancholy, grief, situational depression, clinical depression or physically aggressively releasing pain. No matter how we approach them, there is going to be an unhealthy reaction. We need to respond in kindness no matter what.

Your conscious mind can only handle a tiny proportion of the vast amount of information that your senses pick up. The information through you eyes, ears, skin and intuition is very heavily processed in order to prevent overloading your conscious mind.

I will tell you a story about a client of mine.

Kelly teaches and sings professionally in church and at private functions. She makes a living at an administrative job in a shipping company on the west side of town.

She felt attitudes of intolerance and insignificance at her job. She was depressed, anxious and fearful. Kelly’s feelings manifested externally by her being over weight, low self esteem and negative self talk.

She also came from a family system that was closed yet chaotic. One significant family member has negative attitudes, invalidating behavior and pushes Kelly to change her dreams because they are not practical. Some of the language is indirect body language and shame based. Talking about feelings was and is not encouraged. Her mom convinced her to see me last June and paid for two sessions in ten days.

Kelly allowed me to help her unlock the secrets she kept from herself about her self talk. She was ready to heal, knew what and how to heal it. I facilitated her dramatic healing transformation. A week ago I got an email from Kelly's mom. Kelly is doing wonderfully at work.

Recently, she ran a 5k with a co-worker and has lost over 40 lbs. Kelly took my suggestions to read a few books to read, find an inspiration partner and she continued the healing and processing.

People access their mental files by directing their eyes to certain locations. If you have seen shows like the Mentalist or Psych you have seen this skill in use. Human Beings have forty three muscles in their face. The muscles calibrate and display emotion and thoughts that are processing internally.

From years of observation, coaching and neuro linguistic analysis, I gently assist people in revealing what they need to be aware of in order to heal, transform or release the limiting thoughts, behavior or emotions.

Our brain has 3 types of mental processing: deletion, distortion and generalization. This processing is done in accordance with the expectation of the individual. In other words, you experience the world as you expect it to be rather than how it actually is for others. All of us have unique education, experience and internal processes. We all have an individual map of our world.

There are solutions to your problems. You can have positive outcomes in your life. Search out your internal and external resources. Find your internal parts that need to be heard and love them.

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WhiteLighter Coaching Quest February 15, 2013 at 03:34 PM
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